Has Football Season Come Between You and Your Spouse

Do the sound of whistles and nonstop commercials about beer and cars have you down? Well, you are not alone. Many wives take a backseat to their husband’s Sunday football, Fantasy Football, and College Football interests. Instead of becoming a “football widow” as many call it, you can take charge of your relationship during the months of August through February.

In an effort to stay connected with your spouse on game days, why not order a pizza or prepare some simple appetizers? Grab one of your favorite magazines and sit alongside your husband on the couch while he watches the game. You don’t have to be a football fan to spend quality time with your hubby. Sometimes just being next to each other can create a sense of closeness and support, even though you may not fully understand what a punt means or all the calls from the referee. Read your magazine about the latest celebrity gossip, catch up on the latest “good reads” or even paint your nails. This will keep you occupied and distracted from the games, but you can demonstrate to your husband that you support his interest while spending important time together in order to maintain a healthy marriage. Your husband may be surprised that you decided to take an interest in being with him during the big game. You know what they say, “A little bit goes a long way. “ Perhaps the next time you sit down to watch your favorite reality television show you might want to ask your husband to saddle up alongside you with his Fantasy Football stats and keep you company.

written by Christine Prete LMFT